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Put out razor-burn fire and enjoy a smooth shave and comfortable touchable beard! Reduce the sensation of irritation. Enriched with Cade complex and organic vegetable oils, the Shaving Oil softens coarse facial hair and nourishes the skin underneath- enables the razor to glide easily for a fast shave- helps reduce the sensation of irritation- an earthly blend of fresh Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils. The shave is close and precise. Skin is soft and supple and has a "clean feel". Ideal for men who are in a hurry or are travelling. Massage into facial hair. Shave with usual product or with the shaving oil, making sure to keep the beard moist. Rinse.
Ideal For;
  • Softening beard before shaving
  • A clear and precise shave
  • Soft and supple skin

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